Sunday, October 25, 2009

why's everyone living like they're driving in the slow lane w/their hazard lights on

yesterday i got a blow out
going 80 mph

after the car quit swerving
i pulled onto the shoulder

the rubber was shredded
the lugs nuts were stuck

big rigs thundered by
as i crouched struggling
w/the tire iron

i got the tire off
the old compact car shifting
on the rusty jack
& finally tightened the 'donut'
the tiny spare that comes
w/the car

it warns not to go over
30 mph w/it on

i got back in
& punched the gas
& hit 70

then i noticed in the rearview
that a hearse, of all things
was behind me

its headlights shining on a sunny
warm day in mid-october

not a funeral procession
just a death car following

but i felt no alarm
b/c that shit is always tailing you
whether you spot it or not

so i sped up
laughing at this
cosmic coincidence

75 mph
80 mph

the needle pinned

while balanced upon
three bald tires
& one sketchy spare

cold egg rolls & lukewarm black coffee

i eat a cold egg roll
& sip lukewarm black coffee

staring out the window
at the leaves

i prefer it when
trees stand dying
& flowers wither

when nature quits
being ambitious

how does one fail
to become modest
in october?

but still i see them
greedy as ever
as the leaves fall

i wish money'd turn
brown & crumble too

if only for a short while
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