Sunday, July 18, 2010

staring at the plants

i stare at the plants

green stalks standing straight up under the sky
sunlight on their green leaves

they sway slightly but only b/c the wind
works upon them

i really dig the plant's way of being

the way they'd stand there even
if you were being murdered or if you
were murdering them

b/c they don't have a clue what murder is

their stalks just standing there
w/the sunlight on the leaves

only unplant-like beings know what murder
is & on top of that perform it

& it's funny we think we are better than the plants

that's why i feel bad when plants go the way of plants
back into the ground

& i don't feel bad when unplant-like beings
go the way of plants

they deserve to return to the dirt more than
anything on this planet

ah, but how i love & mourn the plants
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