Monday, July 11, 2011

the sun, the cunts & the masses

when i was 7 years old
my father slapped me hard
across the face
w/a fat sunday newspaper
b/c i was rummaging
thru the junk drawer
& interrupted his breakfast

i happened to be looking
for a pencil

he was the first motherfucker
to get in the way of my art

there has been many after
besides The Father:
(not in this particular order)

so-called writers
so-called friends
general pricks
general cunts
the masses
this shit existence
the goddamn sun

& the struggle still exists
full force
& i cover my face
as the arms of the sun, the cunts
& the masses keep swinging
their dumb hooks at me
This blog is updated irregularly and has nothing to do with the poet's output. The poet is actually disturbingly prolific. He writes about 5 poems per day. The pages are everywhere, even stacked in the bathtub.

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